Apr 22 2008

Writing a screenplay with SVN or Mercurial versioning

Tag: Linux,Screenwriting,setuptengo @ 4:37 pm

In a past post I thought about my workflow, especially about how I could refine it by adding a tool of some sort to handle the versioning of my documents and texts. In computer programming, this problem is a daily task. That's why a look into this domain is very enlightening. Over decades, numerous people […]

Apr 09 2008

Finding new tools for writing

Tag: Linux,Screenwriting,setuptengo @ 4:18 am

I am the write-annotate-research-annotate more-edit type of writer. I write zillions of short notes and scatter them all over the place and within my texts. For as long as I am forging words, I am looking for the perfect writing tool. I had my stint with Word, then reverted to pen & paper, where I […]